Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wine of the week #31: Douro (Red/Portugal)

Hi all,

Another short week (yeahh!) and a Friday coming sooner than usual!
This week, I wanted to check out a Decanter 4-star rated Douro from Sainsbury's and under £10. And yes, it just about made it ;-p !

It is
A dry red wine made from Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca & Touriga Nacional from Douro in Portugal.

Appearance: medium ruby with purple tinges.
Nose: a lot of light floral aromas (violets), a bit spice and indistinct berry fruits. Very fragrant.
Palate: a very supple and smooth texture, fresh black & red berry fruits (blueberries) and hints of sweet spices. The wine first feels almost thin but aromas and the alcohol build and gently warm up in the palate to create a round but firm and structured wine. The finish is a little bit dry and more on the spice but with a good acidity and not unpleasant at all.

Score: 16.5/20 (taking into account price)

An elegant, smooth and fairly complex red wine with floral (violet), berry (blueberries) and sweet spice flavours for the price. Definitely a great buy!

You'll like it if you like: blueberries, sweet spices, a change from half sweet Aussie Shiraz.

Have it with: 
Herby lamb, grilled chicken or even a creamy red pesto pasta.

Find it:
Sainsburys - Taste the Difference Douro - £8.99 - See above.

Did you know?
> Douro is named after the river 'Duero' that goes from Spain into the Atlantic on the Portuguese side at Porto.

> Douro is also the region where Port is made. In fact, all the grapes is in this particular wine are the main grapes that make usually make up Port. Only half of the region's plantings is used for Port.
> Douro is one of the first and hence oldest wine region in the region to have an official delimitation. The Douro demarcation dates back from 1756. 

> There are about 100 different varieties allowed for the making of the Douro DO still wine.
The beautiful scenery with the Douro river
and the steep vineyard terraces along it.

> In Portugal, the DO (Denominacao de Origem) and the DOC (Denominacao de Origem Controlada) are the highest quality levels for wine and are very similar to the French AC and AOC appellations.

Enjoy your wine!!


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