Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wine #27 - Maury (Red/France)

Hi all,

Hope you had a great Easter! Not hungover on chocolate yet? Well, this wine is the best companion to chocolate and is bound to make you want to have more! Oh, and it's only 84 years old! ;-))

It is 
A fortified red wine made from Grenache (Noir, Gris) and Carignan from around the town of Maury in the Roussillon (France).

You can expect
Appearance: deep ruby/garnet (hazy - if unfiltered like this one)
Nose: plum and chocolate.
Palate: sweet with smooth, chocolatey texture, lots of plum. 
Dried fruits finish (figs).


Score: 16/20 (based on wine shown)

You'll like it if you like: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate bonbons, plums, chocolate eggs, Easter, Port (Ruby/Tawny).

Where to find it:
1) Oxford Wine Company - 1928 Solera - £19.99
2) Laithwaites - 1969 Mas Mouriane - £19.99 - Fruitier style with less dried fruits on the finish. Exceptional.15/20
3) Waitrose - Seriously plummy - £9.99 - Less complexity but excellent value for under £9.99. 13/20. 
4) Selfridges - Mas Amiel 2009 - £24.99. Top recommended name. Not tried.

Did you know?

> Maury is a Vin Doux Naturel and unlike its name translation ('Natural Sweet Wine' in Francais), it is fortified i.e. a grape spirit is to the fermenting must to stop fermentation and reach 15%+ abv.

> The wine is nearly always made from Grenache Noir grown on the windy and sunny shistic grounds of the Roussillon.

Can you spot Maury on the map?
> Maury is located in the Roussillon (a few kilometres from the Pyrénées and Spain). It's produced in greater quantity and is still very much in the shadows of other Vins doux naturels like Banyuls or Rivesaltes. It is however gaining popularity (hel-lo!).

25l Bonbonnes that can be used to age the wine.
> Like Banyuls, the grapes are fermented, the wine fortified and then matured. The maturation can be done in bonbonnes (small 25l glass jars), in barrels or tanks, either indoor or outdoor in the sun. The fortified wine can also be under a solera system like for a Sherry. In a solera system, a fraction of the younger wine is blended after a certain period with an older fraction of wine and the same can happen for a fairly long time until the winemaker decides that the wine is ready for bottling.
The Solera ageing system - The younger wine is introduced at the top
and fractionally blended down to the 'Solera' ('ground') where it's bottled
when ready.

> The Maury is dominated by Les Vignerons de Maury. Famous Maury winemaking houses includes Mas Amiel.

Enjoy your wines!



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