Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wine of the week – January Detox?? – Falanghina (Italy/White)

Hi all,
3 weeks into January; the Detox month.
Special focus on healthier wines this month i.e. wines with slightly lower alcohol content.
Another Italian gem this week: a crisp white from Southern Italy. And with 12% abv and £5.99, it’s a healthy bargain!
What it is
Dry white wine from the South of Italy.

What to expect
Appearance: medium Lemon

Nose: delicate and simple scents of Citrus (ripe Lemon, Grapefruit), Stone fruits (white peach, apricot) with floral and mineral hints.
Palate: the attack is fresh, round and fruity with subtle flavours of white peach and apple coming through. Acidity and citrus flavours from ripe lemon to grapefruit then take it to a lovely sharp zingy finish.
Not complex but a nice balance of fairly concentrated fruit and crisp acidity. Perfect to drink now or within next 24 months.

Score: 7/10 (wine shown)

You’ll like it if you like: grapefruit & citrus in general, standard Trebbiano, Soave, Verdicchio, Pinot Grigio; Alsace Pinot Blanc; dry German Riesling; Bordeaux Blanc.

Have it with
A healthy Caprese salad or a grilled chicken Caesar salad (with or without the anchovies!)  Might be a little heavy but would love to try it with a Lemon & Pea risotto.

Where to find it
1) Coop - £5.99. As tested & approved above.
2) Waitrose - £8.99. For a more tropical version: Via Collina Falanghina
3) Winetraders – £12.50. For an IWC-Awarded Falanghina by TerraDora. 

Did you know> Falanghina is believed to be a part of the one of the most famous wines the Romans used to drink a few centuries ago.
> The Falanghina grape originates from Campania but can be found in Puglia, Abruzzi & Sardania.
> The grape usually ripens late and requires to be grown on sunny hills to be at its best.
> Most of the Falanghina-based wines come as IGT wines (broadest level of origin certification) but it is also a key part of the Falerno del Massico Bianco DOC wine.




  1. I love this wine,found it in a small Co-op store in Somerset and it's now the "house white". I couldn't find a means of ordering Co-op wines on-line, do you know if they have on-line ordering?

    1. Answer from Coop (07/02/2012):
      'Thank you for contacting the Co-operative Careline regarding an online delivery service of Rocca Vecchia Falanghina Wine.

      Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this service, as it is not operationally viable in stores. I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.'

  2. Hi droleuk,

    It's indeed very nice for the price...
    I haven't found another way than going to the shop to buy it but have contacted Coop to see if they have a web purchasing platform (no answer yet). Would you be buying as an indidivual or professional?


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