Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wine of the week - Verdejo Bianco (Spain)

Hola amantes del Vino!

Spain is our special guest this week with a wine as sampled and rated with Kerry & Alistair.

What it is
Delicate white wine from Rueda in North-West (ish) of Spain.
Made out of the local Verdejo grape (min 50%) and usually blended with Sauvignon Blanc or Viura.

What to expect

Light pale lemon colour
Dry wine with a very elegant nose of stone peach with a lime-lemon undertones.
The palate reflects the aromas with a light wine with nice fruity attack and zesty citrus finish.
Verdict: 8/10 (based on wine shown)
Have it with
Creamy chicken with vegetables or pasta
Skate wings in light cream sauce or white fish
Chilli-free Thai chicken curry

Where to find it
1) Majestic - £ 7.99 on offer at the moment. Tried & Highly recommended
Waitrose - £8.49

3) Tesco - £7.79 (2 for £10 this week)
Asda and JS also do a version but I wouldn't vouch for them. Let me know what you think.

Did you know?
> The grape Verdejo actually originates from North Africa and was initially cultivated in the Rueda region for the production of Sherry.In the 1970's, Marques de Riscal (famous spanish wine bodega) saw the potential and started rejuvenating the interest in this forgotten grape.
> The grapes strongly benefit from the relatively cool nights in the region of Rueda and are usually harvested at night to preserve their aromas as much as possible.
> If labelled 'Rueda' Verdejo, the wine must contain minimum 85% Verdejo (like Majestic version above).

Enjoy this taste of Spain and send me your feedback & suggestions! Happy tipple!

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